Great, the opening ceremony of Xianning's first sports meeting amazed everyone.

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On the evening of October 20, the opening ceremony of Xianning city's first sports meeting was held ceremoniously in Jiayu county sports center.  A unique and magnificent visual feast was presented to the audience, displaying the historical, cultural and economic charm of Jiayu and Xianning Xiangcheng Spring Capital.

The opening ceremony style performance was produced by Shenzhen Taihe Brothers in good faith. The whole process used more than 300 sets of Ou Ma three-in-one computer lights (Moore330), computer shake head pattern lights, large beam lights and other equipment.

Ou Ma's lighting combined with the characteristics of dancing beauty has created a diversified performance space and a warm atmosphere.  Let the audience break the boundaries of time and space, look at Xianning's past and present, and appreciate the changes of the times.

Creative team

Ou Ma equipment

The poem of water, south have jiayu

With water as the pulse, the river will last forever, connecting the ancient sources of fine fish.

The video special effects carried by the huge LED ground screen are perfectly matched with excellent performances.  The beautiful stage lights lit up the whole "painting axis" stage, creating a spectacular scene change.  Performing arts forms such as aerial viagra and acrobatic silk hanging are exquisitely integrated with the program content.  Panoramic, three-dimensional, multi-dimensional but exquisitely presented the colorful highlights of Xianning, making the audience seem to be in the vast and magical nature.

"Tao of Water, Tao of Heroes"

Behavior series, highlight the characteristics, showing a multi-level performance form

"Water Show, Mountains and Lakes"

Performing arts and dances, exquisite fusion, multi-sensory excellent experience
"The Tide of Water, Fishing Leads to the South of the Yangtze River"

"Ode to Water, Xianning in Guixiang"

Xianning's first sports meeting opened with great attention. With elaborate design and wonderful contents, it fully demonstrated the multi-level features of history, culture, economy and politics carried by Jiayu and Xianning in Guixiang.

From the programming and deductive methods to the beautiful scene of dancing and the color picture, it gives people amazing audio-visual impact everywhere, which really makes people unable to move their eyes.

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