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Omarte light hand Guizhou TV "extremely perfect"

Published Date:2014-07-22 Author:admin

 Guizhou TV "extremely perfect" is alarge reality show of  stylish urban lifeand sweet love confession,also is the first reality show of star confession.The stage lighting is all-round upgraded in 2014,and the scene lightingequipment of “extremely perfect” all is supplied by Omarte lighting .

Thesweet sounds of music, changeable and colorful lights,all for  creating a sweet love confession  and gorgeous stage.The audience bring intofull play their passion under the multiple visual senses.

Omartelighting supports unlimited, Moore 260w beam, Gatling 1500 follow spotlight,Moore 330 all have advantage.Such as Moore 330 is much excellence,thistype is the newest  Omarte  products and with beam ,spot ,wash 3in1.Gaffer uses extremely  simplemethods,the use of a beam effect to shock ,with pure tones to create thedesired mood,after a clever mix ,the visuals looks purely natural.The perfectfusion of light and shadow in the flow and rhythm of the music, coupled with themoment of the guests at the confession episode ,and then use follow spot lightfocus here,  the audience expect  mood is suddenly  rose extremely and  witness the happymoment.The entire program integrate climax,the audience enjoy the release ofthe next  multi-sensory audio-visualeffects, and achieve the best results of the program.

Thissummer, concerned about the "extremely perfect", this summer, Omarte withyou hold hand with the most beautiful r her 

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