200wLED spot light 

Ares S2, which uses a high-power 200w LED light source, has an amazing life span of 20,000 hours. During the whole life cycle of the lamp, there is no need to worry about replacing the bulb.  The external system quick upgrade interface can upgrade the lamp system in batch at one time.  With its own unique patent integrated system of hidden folding lamp hook.  Can produce strong beam effect.  Full-line zoom range: 11-30, lamps with 2 color plates containing 7 color plates, 1 fixed pattern plate with 8 metal patterns, and 1 rotary pattern plate with 6 customizable and detachable patterns.  The light spot is particularly uniform.

technical parameter

1. Power Supply

> AC 100~240V 50/60Hz。

2. Input Power

> 300W@220V。

3. Light source

> type: 200w LED light source.

> average life: more than 20000 hours

> color temperature: 7300K.

4. Color System

> 2 color wheels with 7 color pieces

5. Effect

> 2 pattern discs, metal pattern discs with 8 kinds of fixed metal patterns, rotating pattern discs with 6 kinds of replaceable pattern pieces, pattern positioning, bidirectional rotation, pattern flowing water, with shaking effect

> 1 rotating 8-sided prism

> LED light source 0-100% linear dimming, dimming effect is particularly smooth

> stroboscopic speed 0-25Hz, built-in stroboscopic macro, with random fast, medium and slow stroboscopic effects

> electronic linear focusing 11-30, focusing distance from 2 meters to infinity;  Amplification is particularly fast, accurate and smooth

6. Control and Programming

> standard mode: 19 channels, compact mode: 17 channels

> DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512

> DMX signal connection: 3-core XLR input and output

> Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit

> Dimmer resolution: 16 bit

7. lamp body structure

> in order to facilitate transportation, both sides of the lamp body have handles.

> LCD display, user-friendly interface, language support: Chinese and English

8. Shake head parameters

> angle

Pan = 540°

Tilt = 245°

> in the case of non-control console operation, if the displacement caused by accidental touch, lamps and lanterns can automatically return to the original position

9. Electronic Parameters

> fan speed control: with intelligent fan speed adaptive function

> energy saving function: when Dimmer is 0, the bulb is automatically turned off

> built-in multiple macro effects

> follow GB7000.217-2008 standard and CE certification

10. Weight


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