700W LED profile light 

Ares-P7 uses the latest 600w high-power LED light source, with an amazing 20,000-hour life span. During the whole life cycle of the lamp, there is no need to worry about replacing the bulb.  The external system quick upgrade interface can upgrade the lamp system in batch at one time.  With its own unique patent integrated system of hidden folding lamp hook.  With CMY stepless color mixing function and professional customized optics, it can realize rich color expression.  CTO color temperature correction function enables Ares-P7 to be easily competent in both studio and concert.  Perfect linear dimming, output light spot is very uniform

technical parameter

1 power supply

· AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

2 input power

· 800W@220V

3 light source

Lamp bead: 700w pure white LED

Average life: more than 20,000 hours.

Color: Cold White.

Color rendering index (CRI): > 75 (75-95 customizable)

4 color system

1 color plate with 6 fixed color pieces (customizable), two-way running water at any speed.

CMY Infinite Color Mixing

CTO Color Temperature Correction (7200K-2800K)

5 effect

1 fixed pattern disc with dynamic effect and 5 fixed patterns

1 rotary pattern wheel with 5 detachable pattern pieces, capable of scale positioning, bidirectional rotation, pattern piece flowing and shaking

Independent pentaprism+independent atomizing sheet (customizable as multicolored prism)

Full atomization effect

4-piece full cutting system, cutting disc can rotate 90 degrees.

With aperture, the beam size can be linearly adjusted by 5 ~ 100%.

LED light source 0 ~ 100% electronic linear dimming.

6 Control and Programming

:: Standard mode: 39 channels, streamlined mode: 34 channels.

International standard DMX512 signal

Art-net/rdm (customizable)

Wireless DMX Signal (Customizable)

Signal connection: 3-core or 5-core XLR input and output

Pan/tilt resolution: 16 bit

Dimmer resolution: 16 bit

7 lamp body structure

Transport handles on both sides.

Pan/tilt mechanical lock for easy transportation.

Color LCD display screen, with a man-machine friendly display interface, supports both Chinese and English.

8 shake head parameters

:: Angle:

PAN = 540°

TILT = 245°

Shake head movement adopts photoelectric reset system, which can automatically retrieve reset after accidental misoperation.

9 electronic parameters

With a rechargeable battery inside, it can be set without charging.

Pan/tilt automatic error correction function.

Intelligent fan noise control.

Energy-saving intelligence, which can automatically turn off the LED light source under the condition of not turning on the light (Dimmer is fully off)

With preset macro function

Meet the national GB7000.217-2008 standard and CE certification.

10 weight

· 36Kg

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