4 *60w  One Full Color LED Light Sources

The electronic linear focusing is 4-41 degrees, the lens disc has a stepless rotation effect (customizable) in the full range of focusing, 0-100% electronic linear dimming, and the dimming effect is particularly smooth.

technical parameter

1.1 power supply
·  AC 100~240V 50/60Hz。

1.2 Input Power
·  300W@220V。

1.3 light source
Type: 4 60W4 all-in-one full-color LED light sources

Average life: more than 20000 hours.

1.4 Color System
Rgbw 4 in 1

1.5 Effect
Electronic linear focusing 4 ~ 41

LED 0 ~ 100% electronic linear dimming, dimming effect is particularly smooth

1.6 Control and Programming
• Standard mode: 21 channels, reduced mode: 16 channels.

Dmx protocol signal: USITT DMX 512

DMX signal connection: 3-core input and output

Pan/tilt resolution: 16 bit.

Dimmer resolution: 16 bit.

1.7 lamp body structure
In order to facilitate transportation, handles are provided on both sides of the lamp body.

LCD display, user-friendly interface, language support: Chinese and English.

1.8 Shake Head Parameters
:: Angle:
PAN = 540°
TILT = 245°

The shaking movement adopts photoelectric reset system, which can automatically retrieve and reset after accidental misoperation.

1.9 Electronic Parameters
Pan/tilt automatic error correction function

Intelligent fan noise control

With preset macro function

Follow GB7000.217-2008 standard and CE certification.

1.10 weight
· 10.5kg。

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