LED wash zoom light 

LED shake head zoom dyeing lamp (Eos-3615) realizes diversified, specialized and intelligent application of shake head dyeing lamp. The lamp bead system adopts single RGBW with high brightness, good color mixing uniformity, strong penetration, flexible angle change, and the product does not have any jitter from slowly starting light and gradually closing the door.

technical parameter

1. Power Supply

>   AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

2. Input Power

>   450W@220V

3. Light source

> type: 36 high-power LED

> average life: more than 20000 hours

4. Color System

> RGBW color mixing, dimming separately

5. Effect

> electronic linear focusing 6 ~ 35

> 0 ~ 100% electron linear dimming, especially smooth dimming effect

> fast stroboscopic

6. Control and Programming

> standard mode: 21 channels, reduced mode: 16 channels

> DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512

> DMX signal connection: 3-core

> Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit

> Dimmer resolution: 16 bit

7. lamp body structure

> in order to facilitate transportation, both sides of the lamp body have handles.

> LCD display, user-friendly interface, language support: Chinese and English

8. Shake head parameters

> angle
PAN =540°
TILT = 245°

> in the case of non-control console operation, if the displacement caused by accidental touch, lamps and lanterns can automatically return to the original position

9. Electronic Parameters

> fan speed control: with intelligent fan speed adaptive function

> horizontal and vertical automatic error correction

> constant current drive mode

> follow GB7000.217-2008 standard and CE certification

10. Weight

>   11kg

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