LED light source 380 beam light

Small volume, light weight, high brightness, LED light source 380 beam light, average life: more than 20000 hours, light source color: 6500K .

technical parameter

Power supply

> AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

input power

> 400W@220V

Light source

> type: high power 350w LED light source

> average life: more than 20000 hours

> light source color: 6500K

color system

> 1 color wheel with 10 color flie


> 2 gobo wheel, one  is a fixed gobo wheel with 9 metal gobo file;  The other is a rotary pattern disk with four replaceable glass patterns and four metal patterns, which has pattern positioning, bidirectional rotation, pattern flowing water and shaking effects.

> 1 rotating 5 prism

> 1 independent flexible mirror

> electronic stroboscopic, 0-100% linear dimming, especially smooth dimming effect

> electronic linear focusing 2, focusing distance from 2 meters to infinity

Control and programming
> standard mode: 20 channels, compact mode: 17 channels

> DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512

Art-Net / RDM
Wireless DMX512
> DMX signal connection: 3-core XLR input and output

> Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit

> Dimmer resolution: 16 bit

Lamp body structure
> in order to facilitate transportation, both sides of the lamp body have handles.

> for maintenance and transportation, the lamp body is provided with PAN and TILT axial locks

> LCD display, user-friendly interface, language support: Chinese and English

Shake head parameter
> angle:

> PAN = 540°

> TILT = 245°

> in the case of non-control console operation, if the displacement caused by accidental touch, lamps and lanterns can automatically return to the original position

Electronic control technology
> angle:

> fan speed control: with intelligent fan speed adaptive function

> LCD screen lamps and lanterns information query

> 20kg


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