Zero Poverty Alleviation" public welfare party

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On June 3, the "Zero Poverty Alleviation" public welfare party, co-sponsored by the China Literature and Art Foundation and the Care Foundation, with the full support of omarte Lights, was staged in the Three Gorges Star Gymnasium in Wanzhou District of Chongqing City.

This evening party opened a unique public welfare journey with sunshine and warmth.  The colorful, dazzling and highly designed lighting effect at the party was amazing.  In light design, it is not only limited to the change of light color, but also through the strong contrast of light and shade, the use of light and shadow, closely linked to the theme of public welfare charity, poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, to create a tender and inspiring mood.  The lighting vocabulary is rich but not messy, concise but not monotonous, which is perfect.

omarte Lighting Equipment for the Evening Party:
Three-in-one computer light MOORE330BEAM 160 units;
MOORE260 30 sets of computer shaking beam lights;
1500W cutting lamp Seer4000pro 30 sets;
1500W dyeing lamp OA3500WASH 20 sets;

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