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Product Name: 2000W Follow Spot
Model No.: Gatling 2000
Voltage: AC 190-250V 50/60Hz
Lamp: PHILIPS MSR GoldTM 2000 FastFit
Control Mode: Manually
Angle: Focus range:3.5°-9.2°
Function: Compacted volume,light weight,Built-in power supply system
2000W Follow Sp...
Technical Parameter

-Item No.: Gatling 2000
-Voltage: AC 190-250V 50/60Hz
-Lamp: PHILIPS MSR GoldTM 2000 FastFit, single-ended gas discharge lamp
-Colour temperature: 3200K-6000K linear regulator
-Focus: 3.5°-9.2° 
-CRI: Ra>90
-Control Mode: Manual operation

-Function Feature: 
Aluminum alloy cover, small size, light weight, built-in power supply system; 
Adopt PHILIPS MSR GoldTM 2000 FastFit single-ended gas discharge lamp, lamp life 750 hours; 
The lamp with small size, low heat, high luminous efficiency; 
Using Electronic ballast, wide operation voltage range, power factor is 0.98, light bubls strobe-free; 
Lamp power 900W-1500W linear electronic dimming feature, when switch is shuttered, the lamp consumption can be reduced 50% automatically; 

-Superheat protection, the lamp timer function. Linear color temperature, linear brightness adjustment, Iris and frost function. Aluminum alloy frame, rotating dual-dearing, hand movement, comfortable and convenient operation. 
-Size: 1050 x 470 x 350mm
-Weight: 30KGs (fixtures), 10KGs (holder)
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